Don’t Be Good


“Be good.” A phrase I thoughtlessly say to my children every time they leave the house. As if being “good” is the end all be all of what they’re supposed to contribute to the world. As they leave for school soon- a time that always makes me sentimental and questioning if I’ve told them all of the things they’ll need to know- I feel a sense of urgency. I want more for them and for all of us. We’re so busy and caught up in nonsense that we can forget to tell our children what we really need to. And this year as they make progress down their own paths, it’s more than “be good”.

Don’t be good. Be you.
Don’t be good. Have purpose.
Don’t be good. Be brave.
Don’t be good. Be strong.
Don’t be good. Shake things the hell up.
Don’t be good. Ask questions.
Don’t be good. Stand up for what you believe.
Don’t be good. Stand up for others.
Don’t be good. Think outside of the box.
Don’t be good. Be thoughtful and kind.
Don’t be good. Have empathy and seek to understand.
Don’t be good. Question authority (respectfully).
Don’t be good. Search for truths.
Don’t be good. Share your truth.
Don’t be good. Share your gifts.
Don’t be good. Look for someone in need and give them what you can.
Don’t be good. Learn.
Don’t be good. Grow.
Don’t be good. Understand that you are part of a whole and everything you do and say has a consequence. You have a choice to leave an imprint on this world, what will you leave?

Be a good person, always. But “good” doesn’t define their immense purpose. The HUGE responsibility to change the trajectory of the spiritual path of this universe. A responsibility that I personally feel all children specifically born in these times have.

Don’t just be good. Be all that you can be and all that you are and light up the world.

The Enlightened Mama

One thought on “Don’t Be Good

  1. Love this! I’m guilty of saying “be good” also, the response I get is always “I know.” I’ll definitely be switching it up! ❤️

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