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Love is Who We Are

I think most people, if they had to rate themselves, would consider themselves pretty loving. I say most people because any person that would even have an ounce of interest in reading this blog would have to have some level of self-awareness and the desire to be a better person. But here’s the thing I’ve learned, and it’s not an easy lesson, but it’s one we have to get right if we have hope for our future generations. Love is not a choice you make. It’s not something you give to those that you deem worthy and it’s not something that you withhold from those that you deem unworthy. Love is what you are. It’s what we all are. It gets hidden away by the layers of fear we build up from the time we are born into this existence. The purpose of this life is to uncover it, to peel the layers and live in your true nature. Even when it’s really hard….and ESPECIALLY when it’s really hard. We MUST teach it to our children. We have to.

We love our children, we love our spouses and family, we love our best friends and neighbors. BUT do we love those that have wronged us? Do we love someone with different beliefs than us? Do we accept all differences? Do we want good things for ALL? Do we forgive all human error? If you can answer yes to all of those questions, all of time, you’re lying. And I’d be lying too. BUT it’s the goal! It’s the journey. The journey home is a journey back to love.

It won’t come easy but every time you feel a thought that differs from total and utter love for all others, replace it. Even if you have to replace it a smidgen each time. You have a conflict with someone and maybe the thought is “I’d love to tell this person to eff off.” Then maybe you can replace that thought with “I don’t need to tell anyone else anything because we are all on our own journey.” Then maybe you can get to “I judge no one and send love to every single person.”

If you have a huge heart and love a lot of people but still hold grudges or judge others or display anger, you’re not there yet. You can be sweet and kind, but if you gossip and are jealous, you aren’t there yet. If you try to help certain groups of people but withhold help from people you think deserve to be in their situation, you aren’t there yet. If you love one, but can harm another, you aren’t there yet. But guess what? VERY few of us are. A lot of us are close. I want to get there. I practice getting there daily with the hope that I can live my life in such a way that my 4 kids exude love to every single other being on this planet.

You know that feeling you get when your baby is born? The feeling of falling in love? The feeling you get when someone close to you passes away and you truly just forget all things negative and want to hold all others close? The feeling when there is a disaster and people HELP everyone? The feeling when you have a near tragedy and all you want to do is live in gratitude and love every day? Those feelings are sacred. They are LOVE. They are little reminders of who we truly are and how we truly feel. Listen to them. It doesn’t have to take life altering moments to get there. It shouldn’t. You can cling to that sentiment in all of the simple moments. The times when someone pisses you off. When you get cut off in traffic. When you’re disappointed and lied to. When someone fails to meet your expectation. When a person is different than you. Cling to that sentiment, return to who you are. And who you are IS LOVE.

Maybe we will never live completely from a place of love until we journey into another experience that isn’t human, but if we try and have self-awareness, that’s one giant step closer. Struggle is part of the human experience. Perfection is not. Be love as much as HUMANLY possible and the imprint you will leave and the change you will inspire is beyond measure.

The Enlightened Mama