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Yesterday my family and I were on our way back from a little weekend get away when we stopped at a fast food place. We were just pulling up to the window to get our food when someone directly in front of us puts their car in reverse, flies backwards and almost hits us. A woman got out of the car and angrily stomps over to the window to scream at a young kid that they forgot to put something in her child’s happy meal. All while the child sat in the car and watched her…and my kids saw too. She was ANGRY, or maybe hangry, but either way it was an absurd way to treat someone over something so unimportant. My husband said something about how this is what’s wrong with the world and parenting and made sure to tell the kid at the window that people are allowed to make mistakes. We talked to the kids about how this wasn’t a REAL problem and that even if it were a real problem you can’t communicate with people that way. When you are rude the other person shuts down and your message gets lost anyway and that a response like that says a lot more about the character of that woman than it does about the person who made a slight mistake.

It made me think something that has been so very, very clear to me for some time now. I couldn’t stop thinking about it so I thought maybe I needed to write about it and share it. I want to shout it from the rooftops and wish everyone could understand this. It would solve so many conflicts on this precious planet. Every single issue we have amongst one another is due to the fact that we see each other as separate. We forget where we come from and that we are all connected by the same universal energy. We are CONNECTED. All of us. Don’t want to have a connection to someone in particular? Well there’s that pesky little Ego.

The moment you feel separate from someone and you lack a connection you will do one of two things. You will overly inflate yourself to seem better than them or you will feel poorly about yourself and feel less than. Guess what? There’s no such thing as better or less than. And any illusion, whether it be shrinking yourself down or trying to make yourself feel bigger, is hella exhausting to keep up with. Not exhausting? Living your life the way you were designed to and loving people along the way. I understand that this is such a hard concept to grasp especially when there are human beings that do such heinous things, but when you can understand that we are all just at different points on the spiritual journey it helps you to have empathy and it helps you to always see yourself in another. It may be in this lifetime or in the next, but it all comes full circle.

We are all different with different gifts to contribute to the world for various purposes but I think once we become humans we forget so much of our truths and exactly what those purposes are. We need diversity. We need different opinions and ideas. We need them to help us learn the lesson of love. To remember our sameness by coming face to face with our differences. People tend to live in fear and forget love and before you know it we have conflicts, we judge and dislike people, we condemn and ostracize and we think we are separate. Forgetting the connection we all have opens you up to jealousy, judgement, anger, frustration, blame, guilt, hurt and it’s what causes us to be able to so blindly hurt others.

We are given the capacity to love ALL others wholeheartedly. It’s what we’re made of, but being the confused humans that we are we needed examples of how to love. It’s my belief that that’s why we have close relationships with some. So for example the love for our children which we all believe to be the highest and our romantic love and the love for our family and closest friends is the standard to all else. We believe we are only capable of that type of love for a specific group of people, but truth be told it’s within us for a reason and the reason is give it away to ALL. It’s not easy…but what is?

I don’t judge the woman at the drive thru. Maybe she was having a bad day, maybe that’s like the thousandth time they’ve forgotten something at this specific place or maybe she is just full of hate and anger for reasons I’ll never know. What is so clear to me, and what I want my kids to know, is that if she could understand the pure and true connection she had to that server at the window she would’ve never treated him like that. Sure she deserves to get the food she paid for, but she would’ve addressed him lovingly.

Life is designed to test us, it’s not like you grasp a concept and that’s it you’re done, you will continue to be presented with situations that will prompt you to act lovingly or to act in an opposite fashion. Your buttons will be pushed, people will threat you poorly, your jealousy will be triggered and you’ll be hurt along the way. I feel like I really “get it” and I am still continuously tested. It’s going to be up to you how you respond. We lie to ourselves and tell ourselves that people deserve our negative responses, but that’s simply not true. Our purpose in this world will always be love. Choose love every single time and your life will be so peaceful.

With a Heart FULL of Love,
The Enlightened Mama