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How My Children Show Me Beauty

“Mommy! See this beautiful star over here? Did it fall out of the sky?” That’s the question my innocent 2 year old yelled out to me with her squeaky little voice. It was gray and rainy and I was getting my 5 year old on the bus as my curious toddler was squatting in the grass looking at something. Clearly I knew it wasn’t a star that somehow fell from the sky and honestly I wanted to get back inside my warm house and get my little ones down for a nap; but feigning excitement, as us moms often find ourselves doing, I went over to check out the “star.” As I looked in the ground I began to say, “no that’s just a ….” but thankfully I took pause. You see, it wasn’t a star, it was a weed. An ugly one. But my daughter, the embodiment of innocence, saw something beautiful. I’ve always been a believer that your view of the world strongly reflects what you have going on inside, and so it only makes sense that the most un-blemished of a soul would see a star where someone else would see a weed. And not just any star. A star from the sky.

I put a great deal of mental energy into how to instill and maintain peace and positivity in my children when the outside world is in so much turmoil. No matter how peaceful and positive I like to believe that I am, it’s hard not to be afraid for their tender hearts; and I’m desperately searching for ways to securely fasten their rose colored glasses. I want it so badly for them that I read, and then I write and then I do some more soul searching. I am always looking for an answer, when the answer is right under my nose. The answer is in them. It’s always been in them and if I follow their lead, they will show me the way.

They will show me excitement in the simple. They will show me brightness when it’s dull. They will show me joy in the pain. They will show me acceptance with their trusting eyes. They will show me novelty in the things I have already done and seen. They will show me light in the dark. They will show me hope with their innocence. They will show me beauty in the ugly. And today, one of them showed me a star where I saw a weed.

I am well aware that I don’t hold the key to world peace, but the truth is that if left undisturbed, our children ARE peace. They are the manifestation of love and in their short time spent on Earth, they have yet to be touched by negativity. Their view of the world is beautiful because their insides are beauty. How do I maintain that beauty? I allow them to be as they are. I don’t put my judgements, or labels, or fears in their minds. I realize how much they have to teach me about life and I allow myself to be still and learn. I don’t dismiss their positivity. I choose to see the beauty and the magic in the world around me the same way that they do. I let them lead the way. And when I do that, I have access to all of the stars in the sky.

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