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I think most people that are even partially self-aware ask themselves at least a time or two “why am I here?” For a while I was certain that there was some very concrete purpose I had. Like an exact role or one monumental thing I needed to accomplish during my time here on earth. Like, OBVIOUSLY, I’ve come here to be a world renowned singer and travel the world sharing my god given talent. No? Oh ok. Maybe that was a different lifetime. I can dream (and sing in the shower) can’t I? I’ve asked all my go to psychics over the years this very question, “what’s my life’s purpose?”…funny they all said something different. Potato, potato. Ummmm ok, that saying doesn’t work nearly as well when it’s written. Hopefully you all said it the way I just did in my head.

When I read or hear something that resonates with me I imagine that it’s speaking to a part of my soul that I am trying to grow. Almost like a little voice inside is saying “Listen up! Pay attention!” This right here makes sense.” I’ve read a lot on purpose and have taken bits and pieces and crafted my own beliefs, but perhaps the one that has resonated with me the most is something Eckhart Tolle talks about in his book “A New Earth.” Tolle discusses our primary purpose and our secondary purpose. Imagine the primary purpose as the “inner” and secondary as the “outer.” Even more inspirational to me was how Tolle describes that the primary purpose is the SAME for everyone. Really? Yes, really. We’ve all come to do the same thing! The secondary purpose varies from person to person and is more of the doing. The task, the role, the job. The primary purpose “does not concern what you do but what you are.” And in order to successfully fulfill the outer, you need to master the inner. So what is the primary purpose for all of us? To “awaken.” In more simpler terms it’s to live every moment of your life in the conscious present. It is a peaceful, loving, presence that is intended by GOD. We are to share that every step of the way. I highly recommend this book to all of you. I’m sure I did a great disservice to Tolle’s ideas by the description I gave but it’s how I interpreted it. Give it a read and maybe you will see it slightly differently.

Take parenting (which is at the forefront of my life right now). Sure we all imagine it was our purpose in life to be a parent and in a lot of ways it is, but that’s the role you are fulfilling at this time and at this point in your journey. The ways in which you go about the ins and outs of this role is where you really get to fulfill your purpose. Are you sharing your light with your children? Are you grounded in spiritual presence and giving from a place of love? Maybe you’ve found yourself lost in the tedious tasks and are just going about the motions. Maybe you’ve even come from a place of ego to raise the best children the world has ever seen so you can give yourself a good ole’ pat on the back. Maybe it varies day to day, but as long as you are aware of your primary purpose and are even TRYING to live that way then you are half way there.

My own personal take home message is that my “purpose” isn’t a specific task but to bring who I am at my core to everything that I “do”. I can be fulfilling my purpose by trying my best to raise really loving little human beings, or I can bring my purpose by sharing a smile and some kindness with strangers in the grocery store. Im not saying we don’t all arrive here with our own unique set of talents and attributes to share with the world, I’m just saying it’s more about what’s inside and how you share yourself than what you are doing. And furthermore what’s inside ALL of us is love. I don’t care who you are, what your life circumstances have been or how jaded you have become. We are all here to Love. We are all made of Love…some people are just mucked up by a whole lot of nonsense to give that love; but we can all become awakened at any moment and fulfill our purpose with the time we were given on this earth. You can be a multi-millionaire who owns several businesses, but if you are egotistical, unkind, greedy, etc you aren’t fulfilling your life’s purpose. On the flip you can be a garbage man who lives pay check to pay check, but if you live each day from a loving place and share love and light with others, then you my friend are doing the EXACT thing you came here to do. Regardless of the PERCEIVED social status of your profession.

You can very simply teach this to your children without all the confusing terms. First and MOST importantly is to lead by example. Show your children how to live their life don’t just tell them. If you’re like me you’re probably sick of hearing your own voice anyway. Secondly use every moment as an opportunity to teach your child how to fulfill the purpose of their soul. When talking about something they did, let’s say a successful football game they played in, make sure to point out how you just love the way they cheered and encouraged their teammates or how you are so proud of the way they helped up the player from the opposing team that they knocked down…not just that they scored an awesome touchdown. These small moments will instill in them the awareness of what they are…not what they do.

I no longer search for some yet to be uncovered purpose in my life. Instead, I wake up each day and try to bring my spirit, that part of me that existed before and will exist after this earth, to each and every interaction. I try to spread my light with my children, my husband and even strangers. I think that’s the purpose to all of this.

Love to all of you,
The Enlightened Mama

Give and you shall receive


There’s a basic tenet I live by and want to share with all of you. Now forgive me but I can’t remember who originally shared this idea or where I read it. I think it was Wayne Dyer…or maybe Tolle? I’m sorry but I have a baby rubbing yogurt in my hair and another child systematically putting band-aids on all of my toes. And for some reason it is THIS moment that I have the urge to share this blog…even without the time or energy to research the quote…lo siento.

Essentially what I’m trying to discuss is to always GIVE whatever you feel like is LACKING in your life. It’s pretty easy in the chaos of life to feel ignored, unloved, unimportant, unappreciated, etc, etc. If you want to perpetuate that negative cycle then a great idea would be to feel bitter about it and withhold your heart from the people that you feel are doing you “wrong.” The above quote I shared is like spirituality 101- a do unto others if you will. But I think sometimes we take this idea and use it for the exact opposite of what is intended. If you have ever had the feeling – well if that person just doesn’t appreciate me I am going to stop giving. Or if this person does not show me love or attention I’m not going to give any back- well how did this work out for you? Probably left you feeling pretty negative and disconnected, right? Try to look at this idea about the karmic energy of the universe in the positive, even when you are feeling less than “giving”.

I teach my children every single day to treat other people the way they want to be treated…but not just that. I ALSO teach them that it never matters how people respond to you or what they “give” back to you. YOU are here to share your heart and your love with the world regardless of what others do. Ladies and gents this is NOT weakness. This is spiritual strength and peace in the greatest sense of the words. It doesn’t matter how someone else receives your heart or whether or not they reciprocate; and actually I think it’s probably a spiritual test to have instances where you feel a sense of lack. To pass this test and to continue to grow and evolve always be true to your heart. Don’t let the the presumed behavior of others change what you send out into the world. I think really what I try to teach them (and myself) is to give yourself to the world without an attachment to the end result. If the only time you give to others is for some expected outcome then I think that can be classified as manipulation….not kindness.

Feeling like you really need a friend? Be a friend! Feeling like someone in your life doesn’t appreciate all that you have done for them? Send them a little note or even a text to let them know something you appreciate about them. Feeling like your spouse isn’t being as romantic as they usually are? YOU be the one to plan something romantic. Feeling a lack financially? Give a dollar to someone in need (or if you are REALLY lacking financially give your time to a worthy cause). I get that if you aren’t quite “here” yet in your spiritual journey you might think some of this doesn’t make sense, but I truly believe that this way of living your life will lead to a much more peaceful existence….maybe even one of the secrets to happiness. And if you can share this with your children the world can be a happier and more peaceful place.

I send you all love,

The Enlightened Mama